Ep. 80: I’m Using the Sun to Power This Movement

River Talk Podcast
River Talk Podcast
Ep. 80: I'm Using the Sun to Power This Movement

This episode is a free for all debate about some of our favorite debate topics. Thank you Aaron #1 for joining us again.

News of the Week

Raft Racing on the Wind River
Raft Racing on the Wind River

This Week’s Debate Topics

  1. To drain or not drain your cooler
  2. Are Oar Rights training wheels or a good thing?
  3. What’s lamer Creature Crafts or Packrafts?
  4. What’s more important for guiding – people skills or technical boating skills?
  5. Google vs. Apple
  6. What are the non-teachable skills required for guiding?
  7. Chinese made PVC boats vs American made
  8. Is there one boat that can both be a paddle boat and a gear boat for overnights?
  9. Manual vs Automatic transmission
  10. Is raft racing lame?
  11. Best way to set up a tarp
  12. How come Covey can only stack 6 boats? That seems like a really low number.
  13. Is whitewater SUP a fad that’s now over?
  14. Safety PFD or not for raft guides?

Gear of the Week