One thought on “No. 10: Kayaking in Oregon State Parks

  1. In Silver Falls State Park, there is an 11 mile section of stream starting just below Middle North Falls and ending at the Silverton Reservoir. This section includes a handful of optional 10-30′ off-vertical drops, as well as many miles of class II-IV rapids and no mandatory portages. This is the section that I think most boaters would be interested in, and is currently against park rules to access.

    Paddling Celestial Falls via upstream access is in fact legal and possible like Zach mentioned. The park host does not feel the same so expect confrontation if he is around (best for everybody to run Celestial in the off-season), fortunately for us the law isn’t open to interpretation from park hosts and the deputy he called on us would not issue a citation. Just be sure to portage that upper falls below the high water mark.

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