No. 20: Influencing the Next Generation of Paddlers

This week we talk about mentorship for whitewater paddlers.

Whitewater Mentorship

Whitewater Mentorship

Meadowcamp Race Tomorrow
– We discuss top river lists including the recent one in Men’s Journal

Gear of the Week
– Zach: Gatorade Bottles
– Priscilla: MSR Free Lite 2 Tent
– Aaron: Astral Shoes

No. 18: Danger Ropes vs Perimeter Lines

This week Tim from River Drifters joins us to talk about using perimeter lines on your raft.

We also received our first viewer email and attempt to answer the question: “Are kayakers intrinsically disrespectful?”

News of the Week

Rogue River Gear Swamp this Saturday from 8:30 to 11:00 AM
Big Water Blowout in Riggins, Idaho is this weekend
White Salmon River Fest this weekend (June 1-3, 2018)

Gear of the Week

– 50 to 60 degree offset paddles are awesome (thanks Hammer Factor)
Saywer SquareTop Oars

No. 17: Bros, Pros, Crunchies, and Overcertified

Today we talked about river guide professionalism and Priscilla did an exceptionally great job of coming up with river guide stereotypes.

News of the week

Gear of the week

No. 16: People, Permits and Portable Boom-Boxes

Today we talked about the overall push to get more people outdoors, and what the costs of doing so might be.  We additionally talked about river permit systems and opinions about portable music in the outdoors.

Here are some other things we mentioned:

No. 14: Raft Racing in the PNW

A shot from the 1984 Clackamas River Festival. Courtesy of American Whitewater Archives

This week we talked about raft racing, and a bit about the progression of rafting in the PNW.

Northwest Creeking Competition

Habitat: History of Rafting Progression in the PNW

American Whitewater Journal: Archives

Oregon Rafting Team

No. 13: Paddling Gear for Girls

This was a fun talk about paddling gear for women and a few other topics we chose to take on.

Here’s some gear we talked about:

Immersion Research-Dropseat Onesie

Emily’s Fleece Vest

Big Agnes Sleeping Bags (Women Sizing)

IR Team Paddler, Jo Kemper Talks about Pee Funnels! 


The Kaweah river shows an example of where of a section of river can bring controversy in determining “navigability” of a waterway.   


This week we talked about navigability of waterways, trespassing and public access to streams.

Here are some things we talked about:

Northwest Creeking Competition 

Riverhouse Rendezvous

Oregon Navigability Brochure

History of Navigability and Public Trust Doctrine in Oregon 

Prescriptive Easements 

Gear of the Week: