No. 14: Raft Racing in the PNW

A shot from the 1984 Clackamas River Festival. Courtesy of American Whitewater Archives

This week we talked about raft racing, and a bit about the progression of rafting in the PNW.

Northwest Creeking Competition

Habitat: History of Rafting Progression in the PNW

American Whitewater Journal: Archives

Oregon Rafting Team

No. 13: Paddling Gear for Girls

This was a fun talk about paddling gear for women and a few other topics we chose to take on.

Here’s some gear we talked about:

Immersion Research-Dropseat Onesie

Emily’s Fleece Vest

Big Agnes Sleeping Bags (Women Sizing)

IR Team Paddler, Jo Kemper Talks about Pee Funnels! 


The Kaweah river shows an example of where of a section of river can bring controversy in determining “navigability” of a waterway.   


This week we talked about navigability of waterways, trespassing and public access to streams.

Here are some things we talked about:

Northwest Creeking Competition 

Riverhouse Rendezvous

Oregon Navigability Brochure

History of Navigability and Public Trust Doctrine in Oregon 

Prescriptive Easements 

Gear of the Week:

No. 9: Let’s talk about SUP!

This week Covey Baack and Paul Clark join us to talk about river SUP and bootie beers.
Here are some other things we discussed:
Upper Wind Whitewater Festival
Goodwater Boat Works
Yosemite Boating Management Plan
Hala SUP
Covey Baack 6-Raft Stack Stunt
Zion River Narrows
Gear Corner
Sierra Rescue Whitewater & Rescue Field Guide
LED Camp Lights

No. 8: Outdoor Recreation User Groups, Why Can’t We All Get Along?

Here are some of the things we talked about:

Oregon Outdoor Recreation & Conservation Fund 

Learn more about the Bill

Find your representative (Oregon Residents)

Oregon Office of Outdoor Recreation

OPB’s Think Out Loud on Oregon Office of Outdoor Recreation


Legalizing Kayaking

Canoe & Kayak Article 

American Whitewater, Merced In Yosemite–Officially Open At Last!!

Celestial Falls 

Gear Corner: 

Food for the Sole

Ugly Ducky, Cronin Inflatables 

Avenza Maps