No. 21: Making Boating Friends and Getting Better

This week we responded to an email from a listener who asked about how to make boating friends and improve your skills.

Here are some links to things we talked about:
Meadowcamp Race facebook page
– Stay clear of Salmon Redds (article)
Northwest Rafting Company Rowing Schools
Canyon River Instruction
The Complete Whitewater Rafter by Jeff Bennett

Gear of the Week
Strava App
CGEAR Sand Mats
– External Hard Drives

No. 18: Danger Ropes vs Perimeter Lines

This week Tim from River Drifters joins us to talk about using perimeter lines on your raft.

We also received our first viewer email and attempt to answer the question: “Are kayakers intrinsically disrespectful?”

News of the Week

Rogue River Gear Swamp this Saturday from 8:30 to 11:00 AM
Big Water Blowout in Riggins, Idaho is this weekend
White Salmon River Fest this weekend (June 1-3, 2018)

Gear of the Week

– 50 to 60 degree offset paddles are awesome (thanks Hammer Factor)
Saywer SquareTop Oars