No. 34: Mark Hirst and International Rafting Federation Training

Today we chatted with Mark Hirst of Lapin Koskikolu and the International Rafting Federation (IRF). Most of the discussion was about IRF raft guide training, but at the end we talked a bit about throw bags.

Northwest Rafting Company is offering an IRF guide, trip leader, and instructor course with Mark in March 2019.

Mark suggested checking out the WWTc Rescue Rope if you’re looking for a great throw bag.

Gear of the Week

No. 33: Effects of Fire on Recreation

This week discussed Priscilla’s trip to Washington D.C. and the effects of wildfires on recreation.

Guide Mike Slagle hauls fuel downriver for Wildland Firefighters on the Big Windy Fire on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon.

Gear of the Week

Bedrock Sandals
Super Guide Throwbags
Tyvek Tape for inflatable boat repair

No. 32: Social Media and Paddling

This week Zach and Erik talk about a variety of random topics including the effects of social media on paddling habits.

Zach introduced the Kalmiopsis Guides Association and encouraged paddlers to join.

Zach playing on his phone

Zach playing on his phone

Gear of the Week

Sawyer MX-G Oars
Bogs Boots

No. 30: Green River Race, Central Asia, and Skull Caps

This week Priscilla gave us an update on from the Green River Race and the Tallulah River. Zach, Dougie Fresh, and Aaron Lieberman give an update from Central Asia. We apologize for the delay and poor audio quality.

Gear of the Week

– Dougie loves Skull Caps
Sawyer Water Filter
– Google Translate App
– Jack’s Plastic Guide Paco Padd

No. 29: International Paddling

This week Dougie, Dan, Aaron and Zach talk about international paddling tips. They also answered some viewer mail about inflatable kayaks.

NRS Outlaw Seminole Kayak

NRS Outlaw Seminole Kayak

For lightweight catarafts, check out Go Light Outdoors.

For outfitted trips in foreign countries, Dougie talked about his friends at Selva Whitewater in Costa Rica as a good example.

Gear of the Week

Werner Sherpa 4 Day break down paddle
Astral Hiyak Shoes
Mystery Ranch Duffel Bags

No. 28: Matt Cronin Interview

Today we interviewed Matt Cronin of Cronin Inflatables. His boat, the “Ugly Ducky” is an innovative inflatable kayak.

The video below shows the Stiletto and Cronin Ugly Ducky running Punchbowl Falls on the West Fork of the Hood River.

Gear of the Week
Werner 4 piece breakdown paddle

No. 27: Battle Royale – Pins and Clips vs. Oar Locks

This week we talked about fingerless gloves, face cages, recreational immunity, pins and clips, and oar locks.

Bruce sent us a follow up email from last week’s discussion with a YouTube video showing danger ropes across the thwarts.

Gear of the Week
Super Guide Throw Bags
– Hot Chocolate
Lasers that can measure temperature

No. 26: Self Support Trips + Kayak Videos

This week we talked about the Oregon Wildlands Act, responded to viewer mail, and talked about self-support trips and kayaking videos.

Watch Kavu Day (Zach’s Favorite Kayak Video)
– Learn about the film Habitat about the progression of rafting in the PNW

Priscilla and her partner Jacob’s IK self-support set-up for hiking into the Upper Merced in California.


No. 25: Boater Fees for Improved River Access

This week we talked about the Oregon State Marine Board’s proposal to require recreational paddlers with boats over 10 feet pay an annual $17 fee.

News of the Week

Feather Fest this weekend

Gear Corner

Cool CRKT Knife (Zach)
NRS Bills Bags
– Shorty Dry Tops are Rad (Erik)